Windows 98 SE


Microsoft's Windows 98 : Reinstall Windows with a boot disk and from the hard drive  


What you will require to do this walkthrough is 

  1. A Windows 98 CD

  2. A Windows 98 Floppy Boot Disk

  3. A Computer with CD-ROM access

To start this Windows install. First check that the first boot device in your system BIOS is set to the Floppy Drive.

( To find out how to access the BIOS please refer to your motherboard manual or the manufacturer of your computer. (The system bios can usually be entered on boot, usually by pressing the F1, F2, F8, F10 or DEL key. Make sure you save the settings before exiting))

If you are unsure or don't want to enter the BIOS then just test the computer by putting the CD-ROM and floppy disk in their drives and reboot the computer. 

You will know that your computer will/has booted of CD-ROM when the following screen appears.



The Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu, will appear, select option 2 either using the arrow keys or by just pressing the number 2 on the keyboard, press enter. and wait until you arrive at a Dos Prompt



You may already be at the CD-Rom prompt, if not type "D:" and hit enter (that is assuming your CD-Rom letter is D:). To confirm where you are type "CD WIN98", if the directory changes you are in the right place, if not try "E:", repeating the process, and continuing up the alphabet until you get to Win98 folder. In the example below it is "D:\WIN98".



Now assuming you are reinstalling Windows 98, you type "FORMAT C:

WARNING : This will remove all information from your hard drive, so make sure you have backed up all the stuff you do not want to loose.

Press "Y" and enter to continue Format once you are satisfied that you have to nothing to loose



Now Type "MD C:\WIN98" and press enter. (This Creates a folder on the Hard Drive called WIN98)

And then Type "COPY *.* C:\WIN98" and press enter (this copies the Installation files to your Hard Drive)



Now type "C:\WIN98" (You are changing to the WIN98 folder on the Hard Drive)

And finally type "Setup" (Windows 98 will start installing)



You Should now remove the Windows 98 CD and Windows 98 Boot Disk, they are no longer required

Now press Enter to continue, or F3 to exit.

Setup will now perform checks on your system, press Enter to continue.

Next Scandisk will run, let this complete or setup.

Now setup will copy important files for the install.


Click here for Part 2



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